What makes interesting wine interesting?

Some say drinking a good wine is like reading a map, using your mouth instead of your eyes.

When you sip a wine from a vineyard where climate, varietal and soil are perfectly matched, the experience rings true. The flavors are honest and the wine speaks with authenticity about the particular style of parenting it received: the slant of sun, the velocity of wind, the taste of the water and the minerality of the soil. In other words, it's anchored to home.

On the other hand, a great wine takes its passengers on a journey away. Like all art, it captures us for a moment in its own secret world .

Gryphus Wine Company produces one wine—a Sauvignon Blanc from the Valle de Rapel in Chile. We have chosen one varietal, and one place, because in the case of Sauvignon Blanc from the Valle de Rapel, place and grape are so inspiringly matched that it would be foolish to do anything else. With Gryphus Sauvignon Blanc we can focus all of our efforts on making one great wine—a wine that will bring you home . . and has the potential to take you away.